In 1953 Lou LaBlond of the Associated Canadians Ottawa Travellers Club (ACT) Initiated the first awards dinner called Expired the "ACT Sportsmen's Dinner" Honouring 16 amateur athletes with support from the Lions Club and the Eastview Eastview Recreation Centre. ACT is a national charitable organization of media events salesmen Who In Their Local Communities. This amateur sport recognition event continued to Be Known as the ACT Awards for an amazing 50 years under the guidance of a number of Individuals Including Earl Bullis, Gord Trivett, Sam MacDonald, and for 23 years, by Mike Milligan and Gary Mighton. In 2003, Both Mike and Gary decided to step down from Their key organizing roles.

As the ACT Was always well supported by the local sporting community, Bob Chiarelli, the Mayor of the City of Ottawa at the time, reconnu the need to honor and celebrate Ottawa's top amateur athletes. The Therefore he approached a number of local sports reconnu volontaires to continue the organization of the event. As a result, in 2004 the Ottawa Sports Awards Were Initiated with a revised mandate to be inclusive of the sports Evolving Many organisms in the City and to update the focus of the Major Awards. Over the years, a number of the Major-have beens Awards named in memory of, or in recognition of, Individuals about Whom It Can Be Said That "They made Ottawa speciaplace Because of Their involvement in sport."

The Ottawa Sports Awards is without doubt The Most comprehensive and inclusive recognition awards amateur sports event in Canada. From initial 16 year amateur athletes being white Honoured in 1953 to Perhaps a hundred athletes, teams, coaches, administrator, Officials and volontaires being white reconnu today, the Ottawa Sports Awards has matured with the rich sporting community of Ottawa.


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